Subscribing as a contractor at SubcontractorsUK

Construction is booming. You are facing daily calls to increase your labour strength on your sites and you may be turning down new sites because you struggle to find the additional trade labour. SubcontractorsUK is here to help contractors overcome this challenge. This is a secure online service, linking contractors with subcontractors to ensure successful and timely starts with reliable construction industry labour.

Use SubcontractorsUK to find the top competent subcontractors. Once you have subscribed you can search and find an overview of those trades that are looking for your start sent to your account, including CIS, trade qualifications and training completed. In addition, you will have full access to their contact details, working history, insurance details, health and safety statistics and CSCS card details when they apply for your advertised roles.

  • A cost effective, fast and efficient way to find skilled subbies to support your business
  • Build up your team in order to secure larger, more profitable contracts
  • View hundreds of subcontractors subscribed to SubcontractorsUK
  • Make your advertised ‘starts’ stand out and be viewed by all subscribed subbies
  • View subcontractors logbooks, CSCS card information, insurance and training evidence who have applied for your advertised role – there’s no need to make contact with them if they’re not right for you

We provide this online platform for experienced, self employed bricklayers and carpenters, with other trades to follow in the near future. We offer an easy way to access the expert labour force needed to meet the ever increasing demand for building new homes and other construction projects.

As a company run by people with over 35 years’ house building experience, both as a subcontractor and as a trade contractor, we know the difficulty of finding work and securing resources. SubcontractorsUK is a trade specific online platform available at a time when it is most needed in the industry.

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