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It comes as no surprise that construction is experiencing exceptionally high labour shortages and house builders in particular are struggling to complete their year-end target completions.
Missed completions means missed or delayed income.

As contracts are let and sites get under way, all parties will have one if not both eyes on where they will find subcontractors to carry out the works.

In the sterile corporate hotels up and down the country countless breakfast meetings have taken place, the major house builders briefing their trade contractors on how many extra houses they will be building in their next financial year.

The invited trade contractors are the people that need to help facilitate that growth in production, and while the market is so strong the house builders are constantly wooing these guys.
The proposed increase on the yearly housing output is mind-boggling, whatever raw numbers are to be believed the huge increase in production is set to happen.
Where will they all find subcontractors to meet these targets?

find subcontractorsTwo of the key trades, brickwork and carpentry contractors: these guys face the hardest challenge to find subcontractors, bearing in mind the ratio of brickwork and carpentry labour required compared to say the mechanical trades.

SubcontractorsUK is designed to help both the trade contractor find subcontractors and the sub contractor find the trade contractor, a meeting place, a dating site, a trading hub, a works platform, it’s the site that will be the go to site to find subcontractors.
Reputations are hard earned in the construction business, trade contractors with many years experience are all struggling to meet demand, and one bad contract where they fail to find subcontractors could see that reputation ruined.

Almost all carpentry and brickwork contractors would take on additional contracts if they could be sure they could find subcontractors to cope.

A few key things to bear in mind.

Reputable subcontractors are difficult to find, CSCS trade cardholders, valid and up to date insurance, detailed and competent works history, training history are all key factors when taking on new labour.

SubcontractorsUK has all this covered in the search to find subcontractors, all the vital information including UTR numbers are contained in the SubcontartorsUK Logbook.

Good subbies are generally a loyal bunch, If they are looked after and can earn the sort of money they want, they will stick with the contractor, sometimes for many years.

Good reputable trade contractors will look after their best subcontractors ensuring they have clear, quality works in front of them.

Most Trade contractors will have little problem with their top subbies earning in excess of doctors and lawyers.

All contractors will pay the big money for the right subbies, the subbies that do the job to the standard first time with no comebacks.

Business’s need to grow, grow at a comfortable rate with readily available labour resources, in the house building business those resources are currently finite.find subcontractors
In the six or seven years that followed the economic crash of 2008 tens of thousands of trades have been lost in the industry, through retirement, disillusionment and the ones that got away; the young people who never got the chance because we were not taking on apprentices.

Company’s are now taking on more apprentices, as we all know those apprentices will come into their own as possible subcontractors in the years ahead.

However money talks and all subbies have bills to pay and if only half of the loyal subcontractors fancy a change and fancy making more money in a stronger economic climate, they will come your way through SubcontractorsUK.

Find subcontractors to help finish the job.

Some key things to remember on how to find subcontractors

When you are looking to find subcontractors there are a few key things to bear in mind.

SubcontractorsUK is solely for the trade contractors looking to find subcontractors and subcontractors looking for work with the trade contractors.

Advertising locally in the press does not work; few or no responses are commonplace.

Labour agencies do not carry the calibre of trades when looking to find subcontractors.

This site was built and is operated by experienced contractors and subcontractors so we know the everyday needs of the trades.

Register and subscribe to SubcontractorsUK today, to find subcontractors looking for work in your area. Once you have subscribed you can search and find subcontractors specialising in the trades you are looking for. You will have full access to their contact details, working history; insurance details, health and safety statistics and CSCS card details, when they apply for your advertised roles.