Can Subcontractors earn from the housing market?

IMG_0180It is mid February and as the daffodils begin to catch the eye on the early morning drive to work, the hope is that the worst of the Great British winter weather is behind us.

With the expected warmer spring weather,the major house builders are close to pushing the manic button on their new start sites for their targeted increase in production.

The next six to nine months should be the most productive, not only for the house builders but more importantly for you the Subbies, without you guys, that production will be stifled.

The Groundworkers,Bricklayers,Scaffolders,Carpenters,Plumbers,Electricians,Plasterers,Dry-liners and Painters; the key players in the housebuilders ambitions.

For the key trades to make the most of their earning potential, the sites must be well run and managed, modern day subcontractors take health and safety very seriously, they play their part in ensuring that they and those around them work in a safe manner and in a safe environment.

Do the housebuilders really do enough to to facilitate that environment?

If a well run clean site is key to good all round health and safety, then it is also key to subcontractors making the most of their earning opportunities.

As any subbie who arrives on site bright and early can verify; if the subbies car park is knee deep in mud and crammed to overflowing, the day does not get off to the best of starts.

The housebuilders who get this opening gambit right will influence the subbies whole mood for the better, better health and safety,better production and better publicity that will make the site and the brand appealing to the sought after increased trade labour.

This is just one area of getting it right for the subbies, let us look at another area;

A well resourced and organised site; where the housbuilders supply the vast bulk of the material, the organisation of this is again key to the subbies going home happy at the end of the day.

Punctual material deliveries, the regular ability to move materials to the right part of the site at the right time, and even providing waste or tipping skips to the right areas are essential for the subbies to carry out their works.

Generally the housebuilders get this right, but where they do not, they will find a discontented site, with subcontractors that are not earning to their capacity.

A subbie that earns is a subbie that will meet and exceed the sites build programme.

The housebuilders that get it right are out there, they have the experience to know that without quality subbies , their housing units will not get handed over to their customers at the given time.

Good,experienced Subcontractors will flourish on a housing site that is well managed and organised.

So for the expected 2016 push on housing and the need to increase production, get the site right, and the trades will follow.

Subcontractors needs are fairly simple; facilitate their earning, treat them as you the housebuilders would expect to be treated and you will see all the production and health and safety you would expect.

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