Bricklaying jobs looking for Bricklayers looking for Bricklaying jobs in the UK

The new year of 2016 is just underway and as the housing and construction sites of the UK begin to crank up after the shutdown, the site trades will no doubt be confident that the next twelve months should prove profitable.

All the signs remain good, from the house builders, the bean counters and the government.

Bricklaying remains one of the key trades in any economic environment, with the housing sector booming the increased need to find bricklayers remains a great challenge for all concerned.

Bricklaying jobs are advertised; mostly in the traditional manner; local press, recruit sites or even on the housing or construction site.
The bricklaying jobs advertised largely remain unfilled, so where are the all the bricklayers?

As previously reported on SubcontractorsUK blogs: the six or seven years that followed the economic crash of 2008, saw thousands of bricklayers lost to the industry, some through retirement, some disillusionment and many by the 40% to 50% pay cuts that the long and deep recession caused.

Added to those losses are the ones that got away; the young people who never got the chance because we were not taking on apprentices.

Training apprentices to fill the bricklaying jobs will ease some of that need in maybe 3 to 5 years.

It is widely acknowledged that as an industry we are still failing to train enough of any trade let alone enough bricklayers.

So with the finite resource of bricklayers currently in the workplace, it has never been more important to give the trades and more importantly the bricklayers a specific site-SubcontractorsUK, that will give them access and view to all the bricklaying contractors advertising bricklaying jobs or starts.

The noble trade of bricklaying

Look around the great cities of the UK and you will see the true craft of the bricklayer, the detailed English or Flemish bonds of museums and local authority buildings, the arch work or dental course works of red brick Victorian houses, it’s a fine historical trade.

Young people looking for a creative and well paid for-filling career should seriously consider coming into the construction industry and look no further than these buildings to inspire them to become bricklayers.

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SubcontractorsUK has been designed to help both the trade contractor find subcontractors and the sub contractor find the trade contractor, a meeting place, a dating site, a trading hub, a works platform, it’s the site that will be the go to site to find bricklaying jobs.

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