The evolution of site Health and Safety procedures

Those of you that have been around long enough to remember the building sites of the 1970’s and 80’s will know how far Health and Safety has come in the last 40 or so years.

Sites back then were less concerned about the protection and wellbeing of the individual, even with the Health and Safety laws of that time being enforced, the accident and fatality rates were horrendous.

The statistics don’t lie from that era, and I will not throw them at you now because this opening news item would like to refrain from the norm of bombarding you the subbies at the sharp end with endless statistics.

Health and safety will be viewed in different ways by all within the industry: some of you will whole-heartedly endorse the every day rules and regulations, while others see them as a burden in slowing their works down.

Health and Safety on construction and housing sites is not going away, look how far it has come from the 1970’s: PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) back then you could walk on to a site in a pair of old trainers with no hard hat or high vis and be working on an incomplete scaffold within minutes.

So the progress made in the following years should be seen and applauded, just taking the PPE side of things into account, you would all not consider starting your works without your hard hat, safety boots and high vis as a minimum?

Health and Safety news wants to make sure that you the subbie are aware of the latest H&S issues that affect your everyday working life.

Feel free to contact us about any matters that are of concern, and we will endeavor to guide you in the right direction.

Good Health and Safety is about engagement, involving you the subbie in shaping the safest way to carry out your works.

We will regularly have health and safety professionals writing in Health and Safety news, on the issues that affect you.

Garry Lambe Aiosh